Hanahan South Carolina Weather

A strong cold front is approaching local waters and is likely to pass off the coast during the night into Friday. A core of dry air will track the front as it approaches the I-95 corridor. As the skies clear and the wind subsides in the wake of this front, a foggy patch will develop along the North Carolina coast.

In light of the current trend, a density advisory has been issued for Bulloch and Screven Counties in Georgia and Northeast Inland Colleton in South Carolina until midnight, and there is a good chance that the advisory will be cancelled for the Georgia Zone. A quick look at the National Weather Service forecast for North Carolina shows that thick fog could spread in the I-95 corridor into the evening and early morning hours of Friday. This could be reported as far north and east of Haines County, Georgia, as well as south and west of Interstate 95.

A weak low pressure system crossing the Appalachian Mountains, along with short-wave activity above the Plains, which is mainly concentrated in the Northeast, will spread eastward, possibly bringing light scattered showers Friday afternoon and early Saturday. By Saturday, the increased gradient in surface pressure will lead to a slight increase in surface temperatures and the potential for a few showers and thunderstorms in North Carolina.

Temperatures will warm by 1 to 3 degrees on Friday, with lows in the 20s inland and by the mid-20s and 30s on the coast.

The middle level consists of a low moving up the East Coast on Saturday, followed by a zonal flow on Sunday and then a swinging trough swinging up and down the East Coast on Monday and Tuesday.

From dawn until the afternoon hours, the south wind will increase with 10 - 15 kt, turn west by late afternoon and evening and increase to 15 - 20 kts, with gusts of 25 - 25 kT possible. Fropa will occur on Monday morning, starting around 8 a.m. and spreading out through thick fog to Walterboro shortly after. Gusty westerly winds will arrive at the terminal around noon and reach 25 to 30 knots. Particularly in the morning and early evening hours of Monday and Tuesday, there may be occasional squalls, and in some areas even power cuts.

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In this section we discuss wind speed, wind direction and wind direction in North Carolina during the hours discussed. During the hour, the average wind direction is the four cardinal winds; this excludes any hour in which the average wind speed is less than 1.0 km / h.

Different types of precipitation are observed during the day, with no trace amounts, and rain and snow fall on the same day. In North Carolina, most of the rain falls on 31 days, with the exception of a few days in August and September. Due to this classification, the most common form of precipitation this year is rain alone, but also different forms of precipitation such as rain, snow, hail, sleet and thunderstorms can cause rain or snow.

Winds will be moderate to brisk with gusts to 60 km / h, with gusts in some areas.

The visit of Hanahan for general outdoor activities is based on the tourism score and depends on weather conditions and the number of people willing to visit the country for warm weather activities. Visits are based on the number of tourists and depend on the number of visitors, the type of activities and other factors such as the weather.

The hot weather in Hanahan is dependent on the weather conditions and the number of travellers.

The hottest day of the year is July 22, with an average high of 90F and a low of 75F. The hottest day of the year was August 4, with an average temperature of 83 ° C. The hottest water temperature on Hanahan Island is March 4, with an average temperature of 63 ° C. The warmest water of the year is August 5 with an annual average of 82 ADe GfF, with the lowest value in the low range of 80 AdegF.

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More About Hanahan